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Closures and Frontals

HD lace- high definition lace, the best lace there is. Thin, gives natural look and best melt. Has invisible effect. 

Swiss/Flawless lace- is second best, it gives invisible effect like HD, not as thin. lace is tan or brownish, gives natural look and great melt.  Cheaper than HD.

Transparent lace- great lace, its a lighter lace, works great with lighter complexions, or any complexion. Gives a natural look, lace not as thin as hd. Great melt. Lace color is tannish.

Medium Brown Lace- blends well with brown/darker complexions. Gives a natural look and good melt. The least expensive amongst all. 

HD is the best but its the thinnest, so you must be gentle with lace and take great care of it. The other two lace are not as thin. 

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